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Informing the Horse Owner

We believe that many of Human and Horse issues arise due to their

environment. We come to you. We are able to observe first hand your

interactions. We will be able to see environmental factors that may possibly

be influencing your horse’s reactions and their ability to connect with you.

Looking at equipment it’s fit and suitability, is also quite helpful. We give

you the tools you need to be successfully riding your horse. In your


Communicating with The Horse

With over forty years of horse training and through thousands of horses

helped, I am able to recognize many different levels of circumstances that 

affect your horse’s behavior. Many horses have physiological and emotional

issues that may be negatively influencing them. I will be able to guide your

non-verbal communication, to improve the relationship with your horse. I

open the communication between both of you. Once you begin to

understand each others needs, you will experience a new and harmonious


Salud, Pesetas Y Amor Three Wishes to Live your life with your horse; Health, Good Fortune and For the Love...      Maria Barlow
We evaluate all aspects of your horse’s environment to achieve your specific goals. We show you firsthand what issues are present and how to simply eliminate the stress. In an affordable short term, convenient format. We do our best to solve your horse issues.

Please call us for more information.  (209)339-1264 bt@barlowtoneranch.com

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