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$65. per pony per hour.

We service a 20 mile radius of Lodi, CA

No fee cancellations if received with 24

hour notice.

We provide helmets.

All ponies will be led by our

experienced handlers.

Our job is to make sure you have a

worry free and enjoyable time.

Pony Parties!

Free Party Invitations.

Girl Party Invites Boy Party Invites Click on the above links. These are PDF files that allow you to fill in the name, place and time. You can then print out as many as you need.
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We Come To You! Fun, safe and convenient.
Party Ideas:
1-Stick horse races around barrels. 2-Paperbag vests, crinkle to look like leather. Cut bottom to fringe.Sheriff’s badges made from silver puffy paint. 3-Gold panning- gold nugget gum as prize. Kiddy pool w/water, sand, pennies. Pietins w/ holes in them as gold pans. 4-Shooting gallery. Squirtguns and paper cups lined up on fence. 5-Hay bale pinata made with paper bag as form, strings for bale twine. 6-Cowboy, cowboy, sheriff. Played like duck, duck, goose. 7-Popsicle stick picture frames. Use black marker to put brands around it. Photo of child on pony. 8.Tables for kids to color horsey themed  coloring book pages. 9. Hay bale with plastic steer head on it. Another bale with saddle. Kids rope steer with a hula hoop attached to a soft rope. Sorry, we do not provide these materials.
Pony Party