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Endurance rides:

 Our family has competed in local endurance rides for many years.  From the

famous Tevis Cup, to the Land Of the Neversweats 25 and 50 mile rides. The

Comstock 25 mile rides and the Blue Mountain rides in past decades. The

experiences  have taught us so many more aspects of common sense

horsemanship.  Truly the concept of “To finish is to win.”, sums up the ultimate

human horse relationship.  Your goal as a successful endurance rider is to keep

your horse healthy and safe. The rider learns the horse’s limitations and the

horse will tell you when you, as a rider, have reached your own. It is nature at

it’s best.  The horse was built for covering ground. That is their element.  As a

team you see what can be accomplished when you give your horse their head,

and let them pick the safest route.

Horse Shows

Competing in National level competitions, amongst the best the area has to offer

is truly humbling. We have spent the hours in the arena making every aspect

perfect.  Concentrating on fit and finish. Glossy coats, correct equipment and

clothing, and every move done with precision. We have competed in western

pleasure, english pleasure, huntseat, halter, trail classes and equitation. It is

exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. It is been so gratifying for us

to raise a foal, train and prepare it and then take it to competitions.


We as a family, have always been able to have fun with our horses and ponies.

Going horse camping, seeing the kids go off as a group on a trail ride. The lesson

kids all dressed up in costume for the fair parade, riding proudly down main

street and getting a mounted horse group trophy.  Playing games on horseback

with friends all trying to outdo each other. Heading out down a new trail enjoying

the beautiful mountains and being at peace with your horse. These are all the

reasons we enjoy our life with our horses.

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Dan Barlow & AF Elan Vital

David Tone & Siduce Thee

Alex Tone & BT Dragons Jewel