Youth Lessons

We provide pony rides for children as young as six months of age. Riding lessons can start as soon as a child’s legs are long enough to cue the pony. We make the experience fun. No parent wants a riding lesson to impart fear in their child. If a student feels best simply sitting on a pony while the pony stands still, that is just fine. We progress as the student feels more confident and happy.

Horses are not just transportation, they are friends. 

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Riding Lessons Here at Barlow-Tone Ranch, we feel that riding lessons should be an enjoyable experience. A client hires us to learn how to feel comfortable and at ease on a horse. $45. per Hour   
Barlow-Tone Ranch
 Learn to Ride If you are preparing for a first time renting horses to ride on the beach; riding for the first time on a guided back country hunting trip; overcoming past fearful experiences; or simply want to master a task you always wanted to achieve - we can help you.
Please call for information. (209) 339-1264
Adult Lessons
We provide lessons for any age on our Arabian horses. Many of our clients have had a fearful or damaging experience with horses in their past. They wish to overcome that fear, and learn to enjoy a bond with the horse. We offer lessons in both the English and Western styles of riding. General horse husbandry is a large part of the knowledge we impart. We point out items to look at more closely, those little important things that can cause a horse to act out. Physiological parts of the horse, general equestrian terminology, parts of the saddle and equipment are all covered.                        We want learning about horses to be fun!