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Traveling with Horses We have hauled horses all across the country. It is very stressful. You want a safe place to overnight where the horses can relax and stretch their legs. Also where you can refresh. We are ready with lights and a warm welcome whatever late time you arrive.  The driveway can accommodate larger trailers. Easy to turn around and unload.
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Overnight Horse Boarding We have a spacious Casita with available attached enclosed garage. To accommodate your horses, there is a 25 ft x 100 ft paddock with 12 x 12 shelter. Also a 2 acre unirrigated field. Fencing is nonclimb thoughout. Overnight boarding is $25, per horse per night.  Our Casita is available through Airbnb.com (Dan and Maria Barlow. Lodi, CA) We are located in the heart of premier winetasting ,with over 50 wineries in the area. Go to www.lodiwine.com for more information.  Also Lodi features many craft breweries, water activities on the Delta, and a bountiful agricultural farm to fork community. Please call for more information and availability.


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